Age 2 Week 5 & 6 – Ocean Theme

Theme: Ocean

Values: Behaviour


1. Feed the Shark




2. Numbers Recognition

2a. Number Trace >> Go To Page 8

3. Counting

3a. Ocean Numbers Peg

3b. Ocean Count & Clip >> Go To Ocean Part 1, Page 28 to 31

3c. Count the Animals >> Go To Page 3

3d. Count the Fish in the Sea >> Go To Page 30 to 32

3e. Fishing Games

Shapes & Colors

4. Find & Trace the Shape >> Go To Page 23

5. Sea Animals Color Match >> Go To Page 17


See Feed the Shark & Fishing Games above

General Knowledge & Others


6. Fun Facts about Ocean

7. Ocean Vs Land Animal >> Go To Part 1 of the Ocean Preschool Pack, Page 7

8. Find the Difference

8a. Which One is Different? >> Go To Page 26

9. Shadow Match

9a. Ocean Shadow Match


DIY Books



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